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Michael Lanzafama

Vice President of Casey & Keller, Inc.
Director of Engineering & Co-Director of Land Surveying Services

A key professional, Mr. Lanzafama is a New Jersey-licensed professional land surveyor, engineer and planner who brings more than 35 years of experience in land surveying and civil engineering to Casey & Keller Inc. Licensed as a professional land surveyor since 1984 and as a professional engineer and planner since 1985, Mr. Lanzafama has the unique ability to oversee all aspects of site development. This includes title surveying and documentation of existing physical conditions, as well as the engineering design and development for the site.

Richard A. Keller

Vice President of Casey & Keller, Inc.
Managing Partner & Director of Planning Services

A New Jersey-licensed professional engineer and planner, as well as a certified municipal engineer, Mr. Keller got his start with Casey & Keller in 1974. He has a keen interest and extensive experience working on the redevelopment of New Jersey's existing urban and downtown infrastructure. In addition to providing municipal consulting services, Mr. Keller has participated in the design and development of numerous residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial development projects throughout the state.
Address: 258 Main St. Millburn, NJ 07041
Phone: 973-379-3280